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5230 Metres


Salt Flats


Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4x4  - FG84     Wheel Flairs

Replacing the OEM wheel flares, and using the same bolt holes they cover the wider wheel eliminating mud up the doors.

New flair is 65mm out from the cabin door skin.

$ 330 Pair incl GST                    ( Export price AUD$300 each)

Available in Gloss Black or Grey

As one builds a vehicle for personal use you develop and/0r find products to suit the needs for remote travelling

Some are discovered to idealy suit the purpose, others are made, remade, changed, modified and finally perfected.

These products are a result of all the above

TPMS WTPH-15          Tyre Pressure Monitoring System  for 5 wheels   Working Range from 0 to 180Psi


                                             $ 550  incl GST      (Export A$500)   INCLUDING FREE FITTING

TPMS WTPH-01          Tyre Pressure Monitoring System  for 6 wheels   Working Range from 0 to 180Psi


                                             $ 638  incl GST      ( Export A$580)   INCLUDING FREE FITTING

TPMS WPS-SM          Extra Wheel Transmitter and S/Steel Strap for the above

                                         Upgradable to 14 transmitters


                                             $ 80  incl GST         ( Export A$72)

Sensa Tyre TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The TPMS product is specifically designed for 4 wheel drive applications where ruggedness and durability in harsh environments and conditions are paramount.

In addition 4WD tyres often require their pressures to be adjusted to suite the terrain,  once the tyre pressurers have been lowered it is a simple matter of pressing the reset button to set the new monitoring level.

These products are designed for applications where the vehicle's cold tyre pressure ranges from 0 psi to 180psi. The 5 and 6 sensor kits include extra sensors for spare tyres (note: the system will monitor up to 12 tyres at a time).

I have used these for the last 4 years and find them brilliant.

....AND here is a sneak preview of something about to happen on the Overland/Expedition vehicle stage. and also finally at an affordable price calculation.